Lewis (and his dog!) look back on a happy first year at Vincent Gurney

Recruitment specialist Lewis joined the Vincent Gurney team in the spring of 2022, where he has been focusing primarily on matching brilliant design engineer candidates with a range of dynamic engineering companies.

As we celebrate his one-year anniversary at Vincent Gurney, Lewis reflects on his experience and shares his thoughts on what he, and his four-legged pal, love about the job – and our company culture.

Lewis’ story

“Before I joined Vincent Gurney, I had one and a half years’ experience running my own temporary desk in the construction recruitment industry, specialising in both mechanical and electrical labour hires for the water sector.

“With ambitions to expand my skills further and boost my earning potential, I began looking for new recruitment positions in 2022. During my search, Vincent Gurney really stood out to me because of the authentic and positive employee career stories shared on their website.

Kate’s story in particular resonated with me because I was keen to find a company that offered flexible work patterns and locations. Vincent Gurney’s hybrid working style greatly appealed. I wanted a healthy mix of team-time and remote working, because I love to be with others but I also have a dog at home who loves a walk!

“From my first conversation with Johnie and Tom, I got a strong sense that this was a company that would support me with my career goals but without micromanaging me. We shared the ethos that autonomy encourages independence, confidence and professional growth. We were all the same page – work hard and the results will speak for themselves.”

Why Lewis loves being part of the Vincent Gurney team

“Looking back to my first week here at Vincent Gurney, I felt at home straight away. I really gelled with the team because the directors recruit with personality in mind, not just skill set.

“Since then, I’ve been building and running my own 360 desk specialising in design engineering. No two days are the same and I thrive on that. It’s my responsibility to find exciting roles in engineering companies for design engineers.

“I negotiate terms with clients and support candidates throughout the interview stages, all the way up to their first day.

“Vincent Gurney has an attractive modern office near Basingstoke town centre. I enjoy being there, especially for our weekly team round ups, where we update each other on progress and share best practice. The sky is the limit at Vincent Gurney. Nobody will hold you back and you will be encouraged to achieve your full potential every day.

“The flexible working policy at Vincent Gurney has allowed me a convenient work/life balance, resulting in improved overall happiness. Not just for me, but for my dog.  On my home-working days, he gets a longer walk! Especially on a Friday, when it’s company policy to start the weekend early. Rest is key to productivity. Vincent Gurney recognises life can’t be all work and no play.

“At the end of each working week, when I’m out with the dog, I look back with a warm feeling, knowing I’ve helped people secure their dream role. That can be life changing for them, just as coming to work for a company like Vincent Gurney has been life changing for me.”

We value Lewis because…

A sense of pride and care is at the heart of Vincent Gurney’s mission to deliver next-level construction and engineering recruitment support for companies and clients alike. We don’t just fill vacancies; we help create compatible matches that thrive and last.

Lewis exemplifies that diligence and mindfulness, going the extra mile to deliver a recruitment service that champions people in order to help businesses succeed.

He complements our team with his:

  • Positivity

  • Resilience

  • Believing in and following the Vincent Gurney process. How Lewis goes about his day to day is a great example for new future employees to come and succeed at Vincent Gurney. If they are patient and follow a process like Lewis’s, they will be just fine.

We look forward to seeing Lewis’ career with us go from strength to strength in future years.

“Lewis has been with Vincent Gurney a year now and I have great admiration for him. Since Lewis joined the business, it hasn’t been the easiest ride for him. Lewis has done a brilliant job at sticking to the Vincent Gurney process (probably the best employee to do so) and in his earlier months he faced with an awful lot of bad luck, especially at the stage of candidates being offered jobs which resulted in them not joining those businesses. However, Lewis stuck to his process and kept the faith, and now it is all starting to click for him. He is on a real good roll at the moment and long may it continue. I am delighted for Lewis, as he is now finding success and he is so deserving of it.

As well as Lewis being a hard worker and showing great potential of becoming a leader here in the future, he is a popular member of the team and gets on with all of his colleagues. Always getting involved in the office banter when he is in which is great to see.

Lewis uses the flexible working available here at Vincent Gurney to full advantage, but that is what it is in place for. From start to finish every day, Lewis keeps his head down and puts in a good shift which is all we ask for in return. We want everyone happy to be working and for work to fit in with them having a good life. Work to live, don’t live to work is a motto we like to go by.

Lewis has really found his rhythm in the past few months and constantly has things happening. He has been patient and is now showing that he is going to be a top recruiter. Lewis has also just purchased his first home which is brilliant to see. He is now not just winning at work, he is now winning in life and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Keep up the good work Lewis”

– Tom Vincent, Managing Director

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