Jamie ‘Excels’ at Vincent Gurney: Achieving the perfect work-life balance through flexibility and a great culture

Jamie joined Vincent Gurney in August 2023 as a Business Administrator, bringing with her nearly two decades of experience in sales, admin and customer service focused roles, and a passion for Excel! Jamie tackles a range of activities from credit control, payroll and bookkeeping, to handling client and customer queries and answering the phone.

Jamie’s story

“I’ve worked in a number of roles over the years, for large and small businesses alike, mostly in sales roles, admin and customer service. This included working for elevator brand KONE where I was regional sales manager, and Tesco as a duty manager. The pandemic really put things into perspective for me and I began to look for a role that both played to my strengths and allowed me to achieve that elusive work/life balance so that I could spend more time with my daughter.

“My role at Vincent Gurney ticks all those boxes – flexibility, the ability to work from home if needed, and great benefits (including time off over Christmas!) and a super team.”

Why Jamie loves being part of the Vincent Gurney team

“I really enjoy working here – the team has been incredibly welcoming and supportive, not minding answering the questions I have as I learn the ins and outs of a new industry. We have a lot of fun in office and the energy is brilliant!

“What stands out for me is the way Tom and Johnie have created a culture that values family and also rewards hard work. Knowing my contributions are valued and seeing how they impact the business, along with Tom and Johnie’s infectious enthusiasm, makes my role incredibly fulfilling.

“I love the fact this job enables me to do the school runs, make a home-cooked dinner and spend time with my daughter. It also lets me have “me” time which as a busy parent is an absolute luxury!”

We value Jamie because…

Jamie frees up other members of the team – especially founders Tom and Johnie so they can focus on moving the business forward. She keeps the wheels in motion, smoothly and efficiently, and supports the whole business, as her title suggests. More than that, she’s proactive and actively seeks out ways to improve processes.

She enhances our team with her:

  • Good humour – she’s great to be around and ready for a laugh

  • Can-do attitude – she’s organised and gets things done, always willing to help

  • Initiative – Jamie improved the management reporting function, making data more visual, more digestible and making it easier to identify trends

  • Organisation – her meticulous organisation skills keep operations running efficiently

“Jamie fitted into the team from day one. She’s got a strong character, she’s methodical and isn’t afraid to muck in and get involved, in both work and social activities around the office.

Jamie made the office more welcoming over the Festive Season and took the reins in managing a project to support Spotlight UK’s Christmas Appeal by organising and delivering presents to Spotlight UK Basingstoke to support our local community. And of course, she’s a whizz at Excel which makes her a vital part of the team, especially as she’s begun to help us get more value out of our data.”

– Tom Vincent, Managing Director

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