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Manufacturing Engineering is all about creating fantastic new products. The process involves sourcing raw materials, researching and developing the tools and necessary equipment and ensuring you have the right team of experts to help you reach your goal.


Electronic Engineering involves designing, developing and testing a wide range of components. Working in sectors such as telecommunications, aerospace or robotics, Electrical Engineers are vital in the implementation of new products and systems.


Automation Engineers are responsible for the design, creation and development of automated systems which are used by industrial machinery to create new products. Automation Engineers help to restructure processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and create high quality end products.


Electrical engineering is all about the technology of electricity. This includes working on a diverse range of components, devices and systems, spanning anywhere from microchips to power station generators.


Mechanical engineering can range from the smallest nanotechnology to the International Space Station and involves designing, developing and manufacturing the world around us.

Embedded Software

Embedded Software Engineers control, develop and manage hardware devices by optimising its coding. Using a range of specialised programming tools, microprocessors and operating systems, they can recognise and predict any issues related to the final product and resolve them quickly and effectively.


Quality Engineers are responsible for making sure that an end product is safe, reliable and meets customer expectations. They also ensure the entire manufacturing process is safe, cost effective and produces high quality results.


‘We would like to thank you for all your help and to let you know Peter has been exceptional. We will definitely be in touch if we require anyone else.
Vincent Gurney Ltd have been very helpful and professional in all they have done for us, would definitely recommend anyone to get in touch’.

Operations Administrator, Building Services Contractor

I have been using VGL for around 6 months now. They have been able to fill my labour positions whenever required and in a timely manner. Tom and Johnie are also a pleasure to deal with’.

Operations Manager, Ductwork Contractor

‘Vincent Gurney have a fresh, honest approach to business. They conduct work based on a set of core values which gives us confidence in their promises and allows us to focus on other aspects of the project. They have demonstrated a can do attitude and will always strive to deliver personnel with the skills and attributes most appropriate for the job at hand.’

Project Manager, Global Mechanical Engineering Company

I’d like to thank both yourselves and them for the first class service that you have all provided in getting our contract to the point that it’s at, it’s been extremely refreshing to receive a reliable conscious pair, who demonstrated a true desire to their trade and commitment to us as a client.

Contracts Manager, Mechanical, Electrical & HVAC Contractor

‘Vincent Gurney Ltd particularly Johnie Gurney have been very helpful and professional in all they have done for us, and would definitely recommend anyone to get in touch’.

Purchasing Coordinator, HVAC Contractor